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Roll them chickens anywhere you go 🐓

Chicken! is the newest hit hatching at your friendly neighborhood publisher, Keymaster. A game everyone can learn, Chicken! takes 10-20 minutes to play and is busting with exciting moments and laughter. Featuring creative and exciting gameplay from award-winning designer Scott Almes, alongside charming artwork from husband-wife design duo, Carpenter Collective, Chicken! is a perfect fit for your gaming table and display shelf.

Available as a Deluxe Bundle which includes the Eggspansion and Scenery Pack. Already own the base game? Select Upgrade Pack to complete your Chicken! collection.

2 - 8
10 & Up
10 - 20 Minutes

Icon set

Avoid Foxes!

Collect Chickens!

Hatch new dice!

Don't Chicken out!

Pick your (very important) player piece

Chicken plays up to eight players! So grab a friend (or seven), pick your player token, and make your way to the coop.

Roll them dice!

There is a lot to love about Scott Almes’ brilliant design. Nothing beats passing a whole lotta dice to your friend and egging them on to roll ‘em instead of “Chickening Out.” Pressing your luck and then putting the pressure on your friends makes for unique fun. No one wants to be a Chicken!

Critics are clucking!

Chicken! is guaranteed to be a hit around any table. Quick, easy to teach, a loaded with laughs!

How to Play

1. Pick a player piece

Chicken! is so simple to learn, anyone can pick it up in under two minutes. Even the stingiest farmers tell us this game is so easy, it’s sunny side up.

Each player chooses a player marker, placing it at the start position on the scoring track included on the cloth game board. All Yellow and Orange Dice begin in the Coop

2. Roll them dice!

On the first turn, a player will take all 4 White Dice and roll ‘em.

3. Sort them dice!

Any Chickens rolled are set to the side. These sweet little thangs can score you points at the end of your turn. Any Foxes rolled are set to the opposite side. These nasty buggers can cause you to bust— negating Chickens and scoring 0 Points if you roll three or more.

4. Hatch new dice!

Blank dice and any with Eggs are kept in the middle. For each Egg symbol you rolled, hatch a dice from the Coop into the middle. Add Yellow Dice if any are available, then move on to Orange Dice.

5. Roll again! (or don't and score)

Now you’ve got a choice, you can push your luck by rerolling ALL those dice in the middle, OR count your Chickens by scoring your Points and passing ALL of your dice to the next player. Be careful! Rolling Yellow and Orange Dice could mean more Chickens, but where there are more Chickens…there are more Foxes!

6. Pass them dice!

If you’ve pressed your luck far enough without busting, you will end your turn and “Count Your Chickens” — scoring all the Chickens you’ve collected. Now, hatch any new dice and pass them ALL clockwise.

7. Roll - or Chicken out!

When a player starts their turn with more than the 4 White Dice, they can roll ‘em all and hope for the best OR “Chicken Out” — losing 1 Point for being a Chicken and returning any Yellow and Orange Dice back to the Coop, then taking their turn with the 4 white dice. Watch out! If you ever have 3 Foxes across all your dice, then you’ve busted! You score 0 Points, return all Yellow and Orange Dice to the Coop and pass the 4 White Dice on to the next player.
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