How to play

Trails Board Game

How to play

Trails Board Game

Learn how to play Trails by Keymaster Games with the help of Ranger Paula and her friends.


How does the Sun token move?

After your hiker reaches Trail End and gains the current sun bonus, move the Sun one space toward Trailhead. "Space" refers to the Sun Tracks at the top of Trail End and Trailhead or over a Trail site. See page 11 of the rulebook for further details at 5:43 in the how-to-play video above.

Am I allowed to move to the same Trail tile as another Hiker?

Yes. Hikers do not block each other on the Trail.

Can I use my Canteen to move my Hiker all the way to Trailhead or Trail End?

Yes, you may go to one of those depending on the direction your Hiker is facing.

What happens when I earn a Badge, but I’m unable to take its bonus action?

Then you miss out on that bonus action. It pays to be prepared!

Does the Sun move when I visit Trailhead?


What happen if I earn a Sunshine badge during the last round of the game?

Take the Photo action.

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