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Gather your crew for the March release

The masterminds are at it again! Recruit the right combination of thieves to outsmart your opponents. To do this, you'll need to get in each Mastermind's head as you offer thieves from your hand to one another. But watch out for Old Bill! He is here to thwart your plans...unless you can use him to your advantage. Bring your best negotiating face to the table. And if negotiation and bluffing aren't your thing, you can always just play a classic game of Old Maid or Memory with the whole family.

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15 Mins

A twist on a classic

Featuring the Caper thieves,
now with names and feet!

3-in-1, play Old Bill,
Old Maid, or Memory

Community Resources

Where do Masterminds hang out? The Scoundrel Society of course! Gain entry to the society of scoundrels in this group dedicated just for you.

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May we present, this gorgeous, playmat, good for heists and other games you bring to game night!

Fancy Mat Here

Who is Old Bill?

He's kind of got Old Maid vibes, mixed with that old, won't retire, FBI agent look.

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