How to play PARKS

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Common Questions

Are reserved Parks worth negative points at the end of the game?

Nope! Sometimes, it can be worth reserving a park even if it just means preventing another player from getting to visit it.

Can you use your campfire more than once in a single season?

Whenever one of your hikers reaches the end of the trail, you get to relight your campfire. If your other hiker is still on the trail, that potentially means you could use your campfire twice in a single season.

If only one player remains but they have two hikers out on the trail, can they continue taking actions?

Yes! It is only when one hiker remains on the trail that they must move to the Trail End.

Can you buy the same kind of gear more than once?

Yes! Obtaining multiple gear cards can often significantly discount visiting future parks.

Need Game Night help?

A great Game Night starts with a little bit of planning ahead. We wrote an article that helps you plan and give other tips on how to welcome people around the table.

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