Celebrate Parks Wildlife Release with Fun Wildlife Fact Videos

News Spotlight The Beat 7/13/2022
July 13, 2022
News Spotlight The Beat

Have you heard the news? Parks Wildlife is available to order! If you love Parks, Wildlife is a great next step on your hiking journey. To help us celebrate, we asked Ranger Paula from Things Get Dicey to drop some wildlife knowledge on us. Check out the first video drop above and follow us on Instagram to catch the other drops in the coming weeks.

Paula Deming and crew - including husband Lawson Deming and music producer Matthew Jude - are the talent behind our how-to-play videos. Check out examples of their work over in our new "Learn" drop-down tab. Clever writing, incredible cinematography, and some peppy background music will get you hiking in no time. We love partnering with them on these projects. Video deliveries from them are kind of like Christmas for us. Here’s the how-to-play video they just did for Parks Wildlife.

Preorder your copy of Parks Wildlife today and be among the first to play with this new expansion. You'll enjoy more parks, new seasons, fresh gear, and fun wildlife perks along your hike. Join the stampede!

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