How to play

Caper: Europe Board Game

How to play

Caper: Europe Board Game

Learn how to play Caper: Europe by Keymaster Games with the help of this Society of Scoundrels welcome video.


What does it mean if a location effect has a dark grey background behind it?

Ongoing Location Effects are identified by a darker background. These effects provide bonuses to both Masterminds over the course of the entire game.

When can a card be burned?

Blazeblaster can only burn GEAR cards that (1) are at the same location, (2) aren’t covered by another gear card and (3) aren’t protected by another card providing burn protection in that crew.

When a gear card is burned, what effects are undone?

Caper - Move the caper tracker back the number of spaces shown on the card. Coins - Return the amount of coins shown on the card from the player’s supply to the general supply. If the player can’t return the full amount, then they must return as many as they have. Stolen Goods - Return the depicted Stolen Good from that player’s Hideout to a slot at this Location (if possible). If you burn a ?, then the player may choose which of their Stolen Goods to return. Points - Burning cards with points has no immediate effect as points are scored at the end of the game. Burn - Burning other burn cards has no effect.

When a gear card is burned, are thief card effects undone?

No. Burning a gear card will undo the effects listed above but any immediate thief effects that were previously triggered as a result of you playing that gear card (like gaining a caper or a coin) are not undone.

What do I do if I don’t have enough coins to play a gear card?

On gear turns, you can always discard a gear card from your hand to your Hideout to gain a single coin!

Where do discarded cards go? Do they go face-up or face-down?

Discarded and burned cards go their corresponding player’s discard area (next to their hideout) FACE-UP.

What does [[INSERT CARD NAME HERE]] do?

You can find detailed explanations of every card in the game at

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