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Welcome to PARKS: Memories, a  stand-alone game in the PARKS series. Bring the whole family together with this strategic twist on classic memory. Embrace nature, go for a hike, and try not to forget where you’ve been… It’s time to make some memories!

6 & Up
30 Minutes

Icon set

A Collaboration With The Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series

Plays in 30 Minutes or Less

Strategic Twist on Classic Matching Games

Different Sets Provide 3 Unique Game Experiences

Sustainably Sourced Wooden Components

1% of Every Sale Donated to The National Park Service

Discover The National Parks

Continuing our collaboration with the Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series, Parks: Memories invites you to remember the beauty of time spent outdoors. Each set highlights a different combination of parks including deserts/plains, canyons/mountains, and bodies of water.

Remember That Time...

Parks: Memories can be played as a classic memory matching game or as a whole new experience with twists that should feel instantly familiar while also offering a unique level of strategic depth.

Make The Most of Nature

Take in some sunshine, go for a swim, admire the trees, or hike through mountains… The strategic variant of Parks: Memories introduces unique abilities that allow you to manipulate tiles and visit more parks.

How to Play

1. Flip Two Tiles

Choose any two Park tiles in the Field. Flip both face up and check for matching Park Types. Revealed matches refresh ability tokens that can be used to manipulate the tiles and make visiting parks easier.

2. Take A Tile

Take one available face-up Park tile from the Field and place it face up in front of you. The first player to collect three matching pairs of Park tiles wins the game.

3. Move The Hiker

Move the hiker from its current location to another face-up Park tile. Any Park tile underneath the Hiker token is locked and cannot be taken.


Community Resources

Join our growing community of hikers, sharing tips for the trail, wildlife sitings, and more!

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