Keymaster Games publishes board games with captivating experiences and elegant designs. Our games are meant to be easily played with the friends and family around you in the hopes of creating deeper connections and fun memories.


Kyle Key

It all started when I found out I needed open-heart surgery. You read that right—I have a bad ticker. Leading up to the surgery, I bought tons of board games. All I wanted to do was spend quality time with friends and family through board gaming. Even in the middle of my surgery, my wife and friends played Pandemic in the waiting room—later saying that might not have been the best place to play that game. Over those six months of recovery, I realized just how well board games brought people together and gave them great memories to hold on to. And so, Keymaster Games was born with the hope of doing just that.


The Keymaster



Mattox Shuler

I take great joy in being able to design and develop board games through Keymaster Games. Keymaster loves working with designers to develop out their games and find the right art style to convey its world. We take a more hands-on approach where we work in tandem with designers for any game developments that happen.


Creative Director




Matt Aiken

Matt is the spreadsheet guy! Everyone loves a good spreadsheet, right? When he is not looking at the world in rows and columns, you'll probably find him reading Brandon Sanderson, hunting for new bourbon, or teaching his latest game purchases. Matt started playing Catan 12 years ago when he met Mattox in Seattle, but dove head first into board games when he purchased Scythe in 2016.


Sales, Marketing, and Finance Director 




Jennifer Graham-Macht

I work with unbelievably creative and talented people, making some of the coolest games around. They make my job easy! We work every day to refine and polish the Keymaster brand into something our fans will love and adore. Are you a believer?


Community Manager




Josh Willenbrink

Josh works hard to get games to your table! He has loved playing games of all types and styles but is especially drawn to cooperative gaming experiences. Over the years, Josh has grown to love the challenge of operations and is thrilled to work in an industry he cares deeply about. When he isn’t reading a rulebook or playing a game, Josh will often spend time building his collection of pre-code horror comics or listening to some new music.


Operations Manager