The Community Votes Parks: Nightfall One of the Best Expansions of the Year

News The Beat 5/27/2022
May 27, 2022
News The Beat

We are overjoyed to see Parks Nightfall receive two nominations for Best Expansion of 2021 from BoardGameGeek's Golden Geek and Board Game Revolutions's Golden Meeple. These awards are nominated and then voted on by the respective board game communities' massive fan bases, and in both cases, Nightfall landed a top three spot on the lists. 

Thoughts on Nightfall

If you aren't familiar with Nightfall, it's our first expansion to PARKS—adding in more National Park cards, an updated Year deck for more end game scoring, and new Campsites to visit on the Trail. Lastly, no expansion would be complete without more wildlife meeples, so there's new critters to enjoy in Nightfall as well. Here's what our own Mattox Shuler, designer of the expansion had to say about the expansion:

"Nightfall was a blast to work on. Henry Audubon [designer of Parks] built such a strong core for Parks that it just felt like a huge playground—or national park if you will—to mechanically play in. I'm honored he trusted our team with his baby and am grateful for all the help from our crew and 59 Parks folks. There were a lot of fun ideas— we even tried to throw some hiking dog companions in there. Good thing someone told us unleashed hiking wasn't a great idea to encourage in the parks. Anyway... I'm so proud of where we landed and grateful for all our all-hands-on-deck team at Keymaster."

What's Next?

This news has us even more excited about Parks Wildlife, the next Parks expansion releasing this summer. Wildlife is co-designed by Mattox and Henry. We think of Wildlife as the "More-of-everything" expansion for Parks. It includes more Trail Sites to hike, new Gear, Canteens, and Seasons, more Park cards, and a giant wandering Bison. As its name suggests, Wildlife takes a spotlight in all these elements. And as always, you can expect the wonderfully vibrant artwork from 59 Parks Print Series included.

We are thrilled that Parks hiker's are enjoying expanding their journey with Nightfall and cannot wait to share it with more adventurers. You can pick up your copy of Parks Nightfall here or at your favorite local game store. Then, join the growing community of Parks hikers over on Parks Facebook Group for game tips and challenges, weekly trivia, and more.



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