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Plan and execute an elaborate string of heists in Caper: Europe, a game for two. Recruit a crew of skilled thieves to outmaneuver your opponent, steal valuable goods, and dominate the most famous landmarks across Paris, Rome, London, and Barcelona… Another day, another caper!

10 & Up
25 - 35 Minutes

Two Player Experience

4 Cities w/ Unique Styles of Gameplay

Sustainably Sourced Wooden Components

Pick A City

Head to Paris, Rome, London, or Barcelona. Each of the 4 cities in Caper: Europe provides a unique twist to your gameplay experience.

Build Your Team

Hand pick your crew and deploy them with the best gear for the job. Three different locations are up for grabs and each one has a stash of valuable goods for your thieves to snatch.

Execute The Heist

A true criminal mastermind is devious, clever, and above all fearless. Caper: Europe puts you at the heart of an elaborate scheme that is constantly at risk of being thwarted. New strategies will emerge every time you play that will put even the most devious criminal masterminds to the ultimate test!

How to play

1. Deploy Your Team

You have to be quick on your feet to nab the best thieves and send them to the right spots across the city. Watch out for your competition!

2. Equip Them With Gear

A good thief is nothing without great gear to accompany them! Perhaps a smoke screen or a simple disguise will do the trick? Or maybe they need something more elaborate like suction scalers or a super magnet...

3. Steal The Goods

Outwit your opponent by maneuvering your thieves quickly to grab gems, paintings, and antiques from each location.

4. Take Control

Gain caper to win locations, maneuver your thieves to steal goods, and become the most successful criminal mastermind in all of Europe.
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Community Resources

Where do Masterminds hang out? The Scoundrel Society of course! Gain entry to the society of scoundrels in this group dedicated just for you.

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