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Replacement Parts

Did you receive a Keymaster Product with a missing or damaged component? Fill out the form below and we’ll work to get your item in tip top shape as quickly as we can!

*PARKS Token Replacement

The 1st printing of PARKS is missing 1 Forest and 1 Mountain resource token. This does not effect gameplay, but if you’re interested in getting those extra two components, click the 2nd link to read more about how we can help.

Media and Review Requests

Content creators and reviewers are an integral part to this industry. We appreciate the work you do, both as gamers and a small publisher. If you think your audience would be interested in hearing more about one of our products, please tell us more about yourself, your audience, and the content you want to provide by sending an email to Media@KeymasterGames.com

Donation Requests

If you coordinate a charity, library, convention, event, or fundraiser and are looking for Keymaster Games to partner with you in some way, please tell us more about your plans and how we could partner together in an email to Hello@KeymasterGames.com

Retail and Wholesale

Keymaster Games is in worldwide distribution and is represented by Publisher Services Inc (PSI) for all our distribution needs. Hobby game stores can check their distributor(s) of choice to see if they carry our games. For all other questions please send an email to Retail@KeymasterGames.com

Game Submissions

We are currently open for submissions. Please be aware that our current publication timelines are full until Spring of 2022. Please take this into consideration as we will be reviewing your game submission through this timetable.

If you would like to submit a game design, Please click the form link to view the requirement checklist and begin the submission process.


Private Concerns, Questions, or Comments:

If you have other comments, questions, or just want to say, “Hi.” Send us an email to Hello@KeymasterGames.com

Send Snail Mail

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