The October Beat

The Beat 10/1/2020
October 01, 2020
The Beat

It's the month of Pumpkin Carving and prepping for Kickstarter fulfillment for Keymaster. Getting ready for you to have PARKS Nightfall and PARKS Memories in hand is super exciting for us. We've got videos planned to help you get the games to the table, we're streaming games over on Twitch, and some crazy good new pictures to show off our whole catalog. Oh yeah, and we're chipping away to get Caper ready for you! In the mean time, here's how we've filled the extra minutes.

Monthly Entertainment


  • Re-Reckoning
  • Love Letter
  • Sushi Go
  • Great British Baking Show
  • Stormlight Archive (re-read 2x)
  • Flamingosis


  • The Boys
  • A Fake Artist Goes to NY
  • Sirens of Titan
  • Fleetwood Mac


  • Hades
  • Great Western Trail
  • Wyrm Lyfe
  • The Cost of Discipleship
  • folklore (Taylor Swift)


  • Hades
  • Scythe: Digital Edition
  • still in the LOTR
  • The Ascension (Sufjan Stevens)

DND Campaign Update

So we leave the Gnomes, have a near death experience with our friendly, neighborhood dragon, and you'd think we'd take a break and go back to Phandalin and re-group for a minute. But no. Straight to the Dwarven Ruins for us! Turned out to be an old temple of Abbathor, the evil dwarven god of greed. The Berry Bunch met a new companion, Murdo, and then met a couple of archaeologist type Dwarves for some good old fashioned contract work. Clear the ruins of the weird blob creatures...easy. Malinorne was a little saddened by the severe lack of dirt variety but Kairo is really starting to get the hang of spell casting! No ruins adventure would be complete without treasure. Leave it to Felizian to blow it up though...

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