The November Beat

The Beat 11/1/2020
November 01, 2020
The Beat

The past month has definitely gone by in a whirlwind! PARKS Nightfall and PARKS Memories are shipping to Kickstarter backers and we love seeing everyone's reactions to getting the games! Seeing and hearing from folks interacting with our games for the first time is one of the most exciting parts of our jobs. So what does November look like? We'll be in the throws of Caper development, slowly shifting to the full retail release of Nightfall and Memories, thinking about Thanksgiving turkey and pie. Oh yeah, and it's new video game console time! We're leveling up those Destiny characters and gearing up to swing through NYC Morales style. What games have you excited for the newest generation of video gaming?

Monthly Entertainment


  • Ticket to Ride First Journey
  • Mythos
  • Sword Art Online


  • Haunting of Hill House / Bly Manor
  • Benson Preamp
  • Deep Sea Diver
  • Lots of type specimens


  • Brass Birmingham
  • Race for the Galaxy
  • Holiday toy catalogs
  • All things Aaron Sorkin
  • The Last Dance


  • Haunting of Bly Manor
  • Packing to Lizzo
  • Hades in handheld mode
  • Wired Magazine

Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Update

Where did we leave off...? Oh right! Blowing things up! After a run in with a booby trapped gem, the Berry Bunch was left a little worse for wear. So it really wasn’t good timing when a group of orcs showed up looking for a place to sleep. Kairo the warlock went all emo and tried to take on the orcs solo, but ended up unconscious. Thankfully, the party rushed in, scored some quick hits, and made space for Dana the bard to sing a favorite song that got Kairo back on his feet. Once the grunts were dispatched and absent for several minutes, the orc chieftain approached the temple entrance, looking to discover the fate of his group. He was met by Dragon! Or, at least the party pretending to be a Dragon. A well timed natural 20 sent the chief running with freight. With that, the party headed back to Phandalin to see what might be next. There they encountered a wandering merchant named Xanlanann who showed off several magical items. These treasures caught Felizian's attention who thought she saw a golden opportunity to fill her pockets. Unfortunately, she was discovered by the competent half-elf merchant as she sought to snag herself a blow gun of warning and +2 shortsword. Xanlanann was kind in his rebuke and suggested they all might meet him later in Waterdeep. The party now heads to Butterskull Ranch where another band of Orcs has come down from the Sword Mountains causing death and destruction.

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