The Heist is Afoot

The Heist is Afoot

Did somebody say they like shiny things? What about beautiful paintings and timeless artifacts? Well, get your incognito tuxedo pressed, don your simple disguise, and ready the plans cachés. It's time for a caper.

We're excited to return to the world of Caper with Caper: Europe, bringing this game back to life in a stunning and fresh new way. Caper: Europe will feel both familiar and brand new, revisiting and refining the core gameplay, while expanding the cast of characters and the drastically overhauling the tactile experience from the moment you open the box. The game is designed by Unai Rubio and illustrated by Josh Emrich, artist of another cult classic of ours, Campy Creatures.

Caper: Europe sneaks onto Kickstarter this March. Bursting with excitement? Here's lots of ways you can show it:

  • Follow us Thursday mornings at 11am ET on Twitch to see full playthroughs of the game
  • Join the growing community of Caper fans on our newest dedicated Facebook Group.
  • Cast your vote in weekly heists on our Instagram Stories.
  • Give it a thumbs up on BoardGameGeek to secure its seat as a top anticipated game of the year!

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