Interview: JP Boneyard Shares about his Passion for Art and the National Parks

Interview The Beat 4/21/2022
April 21, 2022
Interview The Beat

Parks artwork comes from the Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series, a culmination of the passionate hours of many artists from around the world under the creative direction of JP Boneyard. JP is responsible for finding and working with the artists who grace your tabletop and maybe walls too (it was a poster series first after all). Not surprisingly, he's passionate about the outdoors, about the arts, and about printmaking. Peak behind the curtain with us to learn a little bit more about the who behind the what.

First moment you fell in love with making art?
I loved drawing when I was a kid. Playing drums in bands and screenprinting posters—as a teenager—is where I really fell in love with marking art, though. The collaborative aspect of playing music is the best. The utilitarian nature of designing posters—and the problem solving involved with printmaking—is awesome, too! It's easy to see four hours fly by when you're playing music or working on a poster. 

Favorite artist you love to find in a museum?
There are so many! Bernini, Mark Rothko, and Paul Klee come to mind. I love seeing anything involving process work, too. I remember an inspiring Bruno Munari exhibit that was full of wild sketches and prototypes. It's easy to nerd out on prints from the Constructivism and Bauhaus era, too!

Spark that kicked off the Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series?
Touring the country with our traveling poster show—The National Poster Retrospecticus—and visiting National Parks. It felt natural to combine two things we love!

Thing that most surprises you about the Parks Print Series
That it's still going! And that we still get to collaborate with brilliant artists and partners like yourselves. That's incredible to me!

A hobby you love spending time with outside of poster design and printmaking?
Hiking may not come as a surprise but I love spending time outdoors. I get excited spotting native wildlife, flowers, and trees. It's an awesome experience to share with friends, too!

Next outdoor adventure you have planned?
There are a few trails in West Austin that I haven't explored yet. I'm looking forward to spending time on them this year! Claire Hummel's incredible work on the Glen Canyon print also has me excited to plan a trip to Utah / Arizona!

Favorite hiking snack?
Simple granola is my go to. It's awesome any time of day!

What do you hope for when someone encounters the national park prints for the first time?
My hope is that they gain more reverence for the parks, the artists, and the medium. That's the only reason we exist. We want to celebrate the parks, the artists, and printmaking. We love hearing stories about the park nerds who get into posters through the series. We often hear from poster nerds who visited their first parks because of the series, too. That's inspiring to hear and it's encouragement to keep doing this kind of work.

Want to get some of the glorious artwork from Parks on your walls? Head to the Fifty-Nine Parks shop. Find Claire Hummel's Glen Canyon and more new artwork in the upcoming Parks expansion release, Parks Wildlife, this summer.

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