Caper: Europe Kickstarter Launches March 2

Caper: Europe Kickstarter Launches March 2

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What is Caper: Europe?

The Flavor

Being the greatest Mastermind to ever wander Europe is no small feat. It takes a tight knit crew of thieves, the latest gear, and proper planning. Get it right and you’ll be stealing from the most famous places on the continent!


The Specs

mm! Don't you love a good story opener?? Okay, here's the nuts and bolts.

  • Player Count: Two
  • Game Length: 20-40 minutes

You play as mastermind thieves taking turns choosing thieves and gear from a hand of cards to place at locations. The goal:

  • Out position your opponents
  • Steal gems, paintings, and rare antiques
  • Look good doing it

Your marks are spread across Europe - Paris, Rome, London, and Barcelona. In each city, you'll have access to unique crew, gear, and an abundance of places to steal from.

Haven't I heard of this game before?

You have! Caper: Europe is a complete redesign of the game you're thinking of. Like all of it. We've spent the last 18 months rebuilding the game from the ground up. If you've been itching to get your hands on the goods but haven't been able to find it anywhere, now's your chance. If you already own Caper - and LOVE it - we cannot wait to join this new heist with you!

Ready to recruit your own crew?

**devious smile** Excellent!

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