Launch Crew  - Mission Impact

Welcome Aboard! We are excited that you want to be a part of Space Park’s launch. With your help, Space Park will have the best Kickstarter we have ever had. 

As a member of the Launch Crew your mission is to spread awareness of the Space Park Kickstarter Campaign through social media, forums, and online communities of your choice. As a thank you for your efforts, we will send you an exclusive Launch Crew patch and sticker. 

To complete Mission Impact we ask that you post the link to the Kickstarter ( ) on any social media channel at least three times during the first five days of the Kickstart launch. A few days after launch we will send out a google form for you to get your address and show your posted links.

We have put together the a collection of images and captions below to serve as your post or inspiration. Feel free to save any of the images and copy the paragraphs provided into your posts. You can also include any of the suggested hashtags to help spread the reach of your post.

#KeymasterGames #spacepark #enjoythegalaxy #boardgames #boardgamegeek #tabletopgames #bgg #analoggames #kickstarter #rocket #rocketship #space #spaceship #explore #Spaceexploration #retrofuturism #retroscifi  

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Attention fellow space explorers! Space Park is now on Kickstarter and it’s only $29 including free shipping to the US. Find out more at


Come ride a rocket with me to extraordinary destinations across our galaxy in Space Park. During our travels we will gather exotic crystals and use them to complete exploration badges. Will you prove yourself as the galaxy’s next great space explorer? Find out more at



Attention fellow explorers! I’m ready to prove myself as the galaxy’s next great explorer. Come ride a rocket with me to extraordinary destinations across our galaxy in Space Park. Find out more at



At the edge of unexplored space, Outpost 13 shines like a beacon of light into the vast darkness of the beyond. Each day the city glows brighter as more explorers bring crystals to trade for exploration badges.



You’ve heard tales of the sun crystals that glimmer in the depths of Cosmic Canyon. Small in size and always growing in pairs they are exactly what you need to prove yourself as the next great space explorer. Come collect them with me In Space Park!


The Celestial Seas hold mysteries that are still waiting to be unlocked. Explorers of these shores will find exotic sea crystals that further our understanding of its ocean life and eternal fountains. Come explore with me In Space Park!