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Who’s Control for?

We wanted to make a gateway game that non-gamers or game night veterans could enjoy. It shares similarities to card games like Magic the Gathering or Hearthstone, but in a simpler easy-to-pick-up-and-play way, akin to Love Letter. Anyone older than 10 who has a knack for card games should enjoy themselves.

What is Control?

With mechanics inspired by Cuttle, Control is combat card game for 2–4 players where rounds last 5–15 minutes. Players are time travelers who’ve been caught in a rupture in spacetime and displaced outside time. Each player must use Fuel Cells (the cards) to refuel their own time machine or stop other players from refueling theirs first.


What’s the Goal?

To escape the rupture, a player needs to reach a Fuel Cell Charge of 21 or more at the end of his or her turn. Whoever does so first closes the rupture, leaving all other travelers lost outside time.


What's in the Box?

54 Poker-Size Cards (13 Different Card Types)
The Instruction Manual
5 Metal Tokens (To Count Wins)
Plastic Platform Insert

What are the Rules?

The deck is shuffled and each player is dealt five cards. Cards are either Silver or Bronze Fuel Cells with their Fuel Cell Charge in the top left ranging from 1-10.

On their turn, a player chooses ONE of the following:

  • Draw a card.
  • Install a Silver or Bronze Fuel Cell in their area of play. The Fuel Cell Charge on installed cards goes toward a player's goal of 21 or more to win. Abilities on Silver Fuel Cells are activated when installed. 
  • Burn a Bronze Fuel Cell to the discard pile to activate its ability.
  • Defuse an opponent’s fuel cells with a Fuel Cell of your own of equal or higher value.

That’s it. With two to three players, it's every-man-for-himself. In a four-player game, teams of two must work together to make their escape. 

Watch the KickStarter Video or an Example Game