Claims of Gold • On Kickstarter Fall 2017

Race for Gold. Claim it all.

The race is on! The ole prospector Gus has kicked the bucket—God rest his soul. His last will and testament states that the deed to his gold-rich land goes to the first miner to claim 30 ounces from the dirt. Payment is due in seven days. Will you be the miner that claims it all? 

Claims of Gold plays over seven rounds with a design that combines hand management, tableau building and press your luck mechanics alongside a unique "spend money to make money" miner's shack. Players are met with challenging decisions on how to efficiently collect gold while trying to foil the efforts of other miners. The game can also be played solo with no changes to the rules providing a easy teaching tool for new players.


Number of Players: 1-4

Playtime: 20–40 Minutes

Designer: Kyle Key

Artist: Kyle Key

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