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Caper • A drafting game for scoundrels 

Hire a crew of Thieves, equip ’em with Gear, and steal from famous places across Europe. Caper is a strategic card game with a colorful, quirky design. Players will draft Thieves and Gear to collect sets and make card combos—all the while trying to win the steal from the three locations out that game.

Originally published under the title of It's Mine in Europe, Keymaster has licensed the rights to publish the game and upcoming expansions in the United States and Canada. We've teamed up with Josh Emrich, the artist behind Campy Creatures, to re-envision the game to our audience.

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Metal Coin Upgrade Pack • Available     here

Metal Coin Upgrade Pack • Available here

Number of Players: 2
3–4 player Variants

Playtime: 30 Minutes

Designer: Unai Rubio

Artist: Emrich Office